Monday, August 31, 2015

Open Wide! Zipper Bag

I recently tested a new bag pattern by Annie Unrein (inventor of Soft and Stable), called Open Wide! This cute and functional bag comes in 3 sizes: small-medium-large. Having to decide which size I would make first, I opted for the middle size. I figured that way I would know the small would be smaller and the large would be larger than this middle size in case I want to make another one in a different size. For a medium size bag this one is really roomy and true to it's name; it does open wide to see what's inside and to get at your things easier too.

Annie uses a lot of mesh material for her pockets in several of her patterns. I do have some mesh and have used the mesh before. The advantage of using mesh it that you can see what's in those pockets, but sometimes if you are placing tiny things in the pockets or things that could poke out, mesh isn't always the best choice to use. So I thought I would use fabric for the pockets this time, rather than the mesh that is called for. I wanted to see if it would work as well and I am pleased with the results. I used 2 layers of fabric for the pockets. I could have divided the pockets by stitching one or both pockets in half to make another pocket, but I didn't on this bag. When I make another bag, especially the larger size, I will be dividing the pockets in half.

I love how the binding provides a place to grab onto while unzipping the zipper and the other end of the bag has a loop to grab when zipping the bag closed. Plus that end loop is where you can tuck the zipper end into as well. I think it would be easy to add a slip pocket on the outside front or back too, and I may try that on the next bag I make. I will be making more of these in the other sizes for sure!
The front of the bag with an accent strip. The top binding forms a loop on the left so that you can grab onto it when unzipping the bag.
The back of the bag. I could try adding a slip pocket here if I wanted to when I make another Open Wide bag.
The long zipper end tucks into the grab loop.
See why it's called "Open Wide!"There are 2 large pockets that could easily be divided in half with some stitching. I will do that on the next bag I make. I opted to use fabric for the pockets (2 layers) rather than mesh for the pockets. Either fabric or mesh works well.
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  1. Nice looking bag. I like the zipper tuck thingy.

  2. Hum, do I need this bag too? I am swayed by your post -- it is a very nice bag. Love your colors.

  3. Why is it we love to have so many bags? This looks like a great little (medium) bag for carrying stuff! I like your fabric pockets instead of mesh. Creative Bag Bliss Dear...

  4. I looks like a fun, useful, functional bag. I love the fabrics and colors you chose to make it with! Thanks for all the ins and outs of your test.

  5. I love your bold color choices. I know what you mean about mesh, it can catch things although its great that you can see what's inside.
    you did a great job,

  6. Fun and pretty card with the polka dots and colors, very Halloweenish colors:) TFS and have a great day!

  7. That's a great bag, I love the fabrics you used!


  8. Love the fabrics, Daryl. The handle is a great idea. Lovely bag!!!

  9. You have the best eye for color and fabrics. Besides that you take marvelous photos.

  10. Love this bag and I loooove so much your fabric choice. Nice combination of colors!!!!

  11. My comment seems to have been sent on a deep space mission.
    I wanted to say that your Open Wide bag turned out great Daryl! You sure thought about the little details. I also wanted to ask you if Soft and Stable holds its shape well even after being squished or subjected to being turned right side out.


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