Monday, March 13, 2017

Strawberry Tote Bags

I sell this pattern on Craftsy for making this Strawberry (fold-up) tote bag. I had a lot of this home decor weight floral fabric and wanted to use it up, so I decided I would make several of my Strawberry Tote Bags. Then I found some other fabric to use up too, so I got busy making even more bags. These bags fold or more accurately scrunch up into the strawberry part of the bag, so that you can easily keep a bag in your purse or car for when you go shopping. Why use plastic bags from the store when you can use a prettier and more practical bag? I always keep on in my purse and use it all the time.

I used different reds and greens for these bags for the strawberry part, so that's why I took so many photos, because the strawberry part is different.
I made several more bags with this floral print that I am not showing if the strawberry fabric was a duplicate. I think I made 18 bags in all, including the other prints below too.

The bag is stuffed into the strawberry here.

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  1. Those are just the cutest bags. Very practical but would make nice gifts, too.

  2. Oh that's adorable!!!!! Every time I run into a shop unplanned I curse myself for not having a bag folded and waiting in my purse and having to use plastic--these are super practical!

  3. I adore this bag, I am happy to say I own one I can tell you its a fabulous bag. The size is perfect and they are easy to find in my oversized purses. The fabric choices are great, I hope they sell well for you. I take mine everywhere with me. That's amazing you made so many, great job.


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